Friday, August 2, 2013

Lots of fun in museums!

The summer holidays are upon us and at Wakefield Museum everyone has been getting creative! 

From flapper-inspired fascinators for all ages to fruit-based crafts for our younger visitors, there's been a lot to choose from!

We wanted to see how much juice an orange might hold . . . so we peeled and squeezed to find out!

Remember potato printing? We tried printing with apples, grapes, melon, lime...

“Brilliant again!  She loves coming to these sessions and can’t wait to come again.”
“This has been great for her, she wouldn’t normally even touch fruit!”
“Nice and friendly group with activity to keep everyone entertained”

The holidays have barely begun!  There's lots more to do!

Local Heroes
Some weird and wonderful people have come from Wakefield. At this workshop, you can find out all about some of these amazing and curious people – and you can also make some fabulous crafts to take home.
Ages 6-12 years old
11am-12.30 and 1.30-3pm
Wakefield Museum Learning Zone

Booking essential as places are limited on 01924 302700 or email.
Thursday 8 August

Why not drop into Pontefract Museum on Wednesday 21 August for Pontefract Of The Past?  No need to book!
Pontefract Of The Past
Pontefract is an amazing place with an amazing history – it even played a part in one of Henry VIII’s wives getting her head chopped off! You can learn about some surprising Pontefract stories at this drop-in workshop, as you make some brilliant crafts to take home.
Ages 3-12 years old
Pontefract Museum
No need to book for this session!
Wednesday 21 August

Or if you have any budding thespians in the family, why not book onto Fantastical Theatricals?

Fantastical Theatricals
Almost a thousand years ago, Wakefield was really famous for its plays – and ever since then, there have always been plays and theatres in Wakefield. We will learn about some of those plays here – and you can make some dramatic props to take home!
Ages 6-12 years old
11am-12.30 and 1.30-3pm
Wakefield museum Learning Zone
Booking essential as places are limited on 01924 302700 or email.

Wednesday 28 August

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For these, and lots of other great events over the summer, have a look at Experience Wakefield.

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