Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet the Roman Messenger!

Today we have been working on a new interactive video game for Castleford Forum Museum which uses the objects on display to test your knowledge of the Romans!

The new game is called 'The Roman Messenger' and involves answering multiple choice questions to reach a goal - some are trickier than others. Would you be able to guess what this is for?

Mystery Roman object - would your 'Roman Messenger' be able to guess what it was for?
The game has already proved itself popular with the museums team as we tested out the questions.  It's amazing how competitive grown adults can get! We are rather relieved that the Learning Officers all scored full marks - so you can rest easy that family workshops and schools visits to the new museum will be in capable hands!

The new game will be available on a screen when Castleford Forum Museum opens later this year - do come in and give it a go!

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