Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bringing back a Castleford tradition!

We are really excited about a workshop set to take place in Castleford Forum Museum on Saturday 15 February.

Classes for amateurs to paint pottery began in Castleford about 1920 and went on until the 1950s.

Henry Moore himself took part in pottery painting evening classes in Castleford run by his old art teacher, Alice Gostick.
Henry Moore painting pottery in Castleford (Moore on left)

Hand painted enamelled plate by Henry Moore c.1920, produced at Alice Gostick’s Peasant Pottery Classes held at Castleford Secondary School. On loan from Leeds Art Gallery and Museums

Artist, Karen Slade from the Company of Artisans will be coming to the Forum in February to revive this tradition!

Karen has designed special workshops based on the Castleford pottery. 

Participants will be able to use ceramics blanks and glazes to create their own works of art. The pieces will be taken away to be fired, and be brought back to the Forum to be collected later.

Two workshops will be run for families with children aged 7+.  This is not a session just for children!  Everyone participating will have their own piece to work on - adults and children alike.

The third workshop will go into a little bit more depth with technique, and is suitable for adults (and young people over 15).

Saturday 15 February
Painted Pots
9.45 to 11am or 11.30 to 1pm - for families with children aged 7+
2 to 4pm - for adults and children aged 15+
Booking is essential as places are limited - call 01924 302700 or email.

Participants will also have the opportunity to contribute to Castleford's history!  
The museum's pottery collection includes a plate decorated with the names of people who took part in pottery decoration classes in the 1930s and so the workshops will also work on a new piece for the museum to keep!

Plate handpainted with the names of people attending the pottery decoration class taken by H. Worrill at Glasshoughton Evening Institute, 1933-1939. The pottery was made at Clokie and Co. Ltd. and after painting it was returned to the pottery for its gloss firing.

So, just for a little bit more inspiration, here are a few more pieces from the Castleford Pottery Collection...
Jug made by Clokie and Co. in the 1930s.

This is one of several pieces made by Clokie and Co. in the 1930s which were influenced by the work of the Art Deco designer Clarice Cliff.

Dish handpainted with an abstract design in about 1920. It has been suggested that this may have been painted by the artist Henry Moore at an evening painting class.

Painted by F. Marshall of Castleford in 1924 at an amateur pottery painting class The pottery was made at Clokie and Co. Ltd. and after painting it was returned to the pottery for its gloss firing.
There is a lot more available to see in Castleford Forum - and also in our online collection!

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