Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Seaside in the City

Wakefield hosts 'Seaside in the City' this weekend.  Visit the city centre for family beach fun. 

There will be donkey rides, Punch & Judy, music, deck chairs and much more...

For full details of the event see: Seaside in the City

To get in the mood here are a selection of seaside themed objects from our collections....

Photograph of the Gluck family
The Gluck family lived in Tanshelf.  This holiday snap was taken by David Gluck between 1920 and 1940.  The Gluck family orginated from Germany, Mr & Mrs George Gluck came from Heidelberg in the 1850s.  George carved the stone animals on Pontefract Market Hall.  

A spade
This medieval spade found at Sandal Castle was most probably NOT used on the beach!

Jelly shoes are back in fashion, this green pair is from the 1970s. 

And this leather sandal was owned by a Roman based in Lagentium (or Castleford to me and you)

What would the neighbours think if your front step wasn't shiny and clean.  Use a Donkey stone to scrub those steps clean...

Bus Trips
This photo from the 1950s, shows a group of Fryston residents on a trip to the seaside.  3 of the 10 buses used that day are in view!  It was taken by Jack Hulme, an ex-miner who turned to photography after his wife bought him a camera.

Look super stylish in this 1950's bathing costume...

And probably not so stylish in this knitted costume...

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