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George Kellett's World war One Diary: September 1918

Throughout 2014 we will be tweeting entries from a World War 1 soldier’s 1918 diary. You can follow George Kellett’s diary entries on Twitter @WW1_Diary.

We will also post the full month’s diary entries on this blog.

For George Kellett's August diary entries please see our previous blog: August 1918

1 September 1918
Had an hours training then went out for salvage.  Went out again after dinner.  Had a pull with the transport  12 men against 9 of the team.  The won after a 4 minute pull.

2 September 1918
Stand to ready to move at 8am.  Left Abb? at 11am.  Camped for the night on the side of the track.

3 September 1918
Moved again this afternoon on to ground Jerry held this morning.
Brought in two wounded Jerrys.

4 September 1918
Went out burying the dead today.  Had a pull on the rope.

5 September 1918
Went out burying dead Germans.  Had a pull on the rope for a few minutes.

6 September 1918
Went out burying dead Germans and horses.  Had a pull on the rope after dinner we had to make a fresh [?]

7 September 1918
Went out salvaging before dinner.  Rejoined the company today at Morchies.

8 September 1918
Out to work on the Beaunetre  Road.  Back in camp at 3pm.  Made a [?] then got ready for inspection at 7pm

9 September 1918
Out to work at Doignes this [?] at 6:30am took our days rations with us and had to carry them back to camp.  All other platoons out at 7pm in [?] and got wet through.

10 September 1918
No work today stayed in and built a cook house.  Were working on that until 7pm

11 September 1918
Packed our kits and went up the line at 9am, two guides of the Stafford and Bucks met us and took us into the front line.  G. West and three  more fellows In our platoon got killed and four or five wounded going up.  We went over the top at 6:30pm.[?] Burton Bill Revitt and three or four more were wounded and three more killed.  We reached a trench just over the canal and had to stand to all night.

12 September 1918
6am strafs on the left and right went over at dawn and cut us out of it but they left a strong point which Jerry held when we left the line just before dinnertime .  got back to camp about 4pm had no rations all day.

13 September 1918
Got a pair of new slacks and had a bath and clean change.

14 September 1918
No work again today.  Went up the line and brought  in the bodies of our MGS who had been killed.  Had to give in a name of the man we thought did the best work in the Stunt? I put in Pte Tripp

15 September 1918
No work this morning.  Inspection for the company but I did not go on it with being out last night.  Went on the church parade after dinner.

16 September 1918
Left Morchies and came back to [?] for rest arrived here at 12:30pm had dinner then had to make bivies for the night.  There was a terrible thunder storm and most of the boys got washed out.  We were luck[y] as we made a good bivy

17 September 1918
Had the day off to clean up and reconstruct bivies  Had rifle inspection after tea.

18 September 1918
On fatigues this morning making for the transport horses.  I was inoculated this afternoon.  Wrote to George West’s wife.

19 September 1918
Not out this evening. Excused duty.  The rest are practising  a Battalion.  Start on which they went right back to Hameau farm.  Wrote a letter to Harry this afternoon.

20 September 1918
Inspection 9am PT1 [?] And Boating [?] Until dinner time.

21 September 1918
Inspection at 9am PT and extended order?? the rain made us back off for the day.  Baths at 3:45pm

22 September 1918
Church parade at 11:45am

23 September 1918
Out for a route march this morning round Adfiner Viliage arrived back in camp at 1:30pm.  Went to rifle range after dinner. Warned for leave to report to RSM at 9am on the 26th leave from 28/09/18 to 12/10/18

24 September 1918
Left Corselles at 10am.  Marched through Ashlet le Grand and Bapaume.  Arrived at Ruyaulcourt about 5:30pm slept out in the open

25 September 1918
Out to work on the [?] trench in the wood at 7am arrived back at 2:30pm made a good bivy then cleaned up for tomorrow

26 September 1918
Reported to RSM medically examined then went down to the transport got a new tunic and puttees . Left Bertincourt at 5:15pm arrived at Bapaume at 6pm got a lift on a lorry.  Slept in YMCA

27 September 1918
Had breakfast in YMCA saw the RTO and got on the train for Bologne at 9am arrived at about 7pm.  Went up to the [?] and had a good dinner Slept in tents for the night.

28 September 1918
[?] at 5am breakfast 5:30.  Got on the boat about 7:30 left Bologne at 8:30am arrived at Folkestone 11am.  Got into London at 3:30pm.  Left for home at 5:40pm.  Sent telegram to father and Pam at 4:30pm

29 September 1918
Up at 6am went to the baths then came home and had breakfast. Went to Lofthouse on the bicycle, then around by Stanley and saw Emma.  What a treat to be with her and Dad again.  Emma coming out after dinner and finishing tomorrow for a fortnight while I am home

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