Friday, September 12, 2014

Well and truly Back to School!

We are delivering a wide range of educational workshops to schools across the district. Our programme of delivery is expanding in line with the changes in the national curriculum.
From the remains of an Iron Age chariot (at Castleford Museum) to those of a Viking era log boat (at Wakefield Museum) and the comparison of animal skulls, we have been looking at how we can best support teaching with objects from the collections.

Bespoke sessions are also being developed on request - including two very different sessions for Pontefract Castle - the English Civil War and the heritage of Pontefract’s liquorice-growing and trade. We are linking objects from our collections with design and art for inspiration and enquiry. We have also redeveloped our Skeleton Secrets session, previously only suitable for Upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, to meet demand from lower Key Stage 2 teachers.
Skeleton Secrets

Our core sessions are already being delivered and booked by schools. Pupils from a local academy joined us last week to learn about the life of Victorian children, and another class came up close to Ancient Egyptian Artefacts. 

Egyptian Artefacts
We are also supporting the Big Draw 2014 with some special school sessions. Using museum objects for inspiration, pupils will think about how the past has shaped the world in which we live.  We will then take digital images and use an app to draw how the scene could look in the future.
Our World - digital drawing session for the Big Draw

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