Monday, March 12, 2012

Museum Displays at Drury Lane Library

We have already talked here about the museum displays at Drury Lane Library, and how they are being used in a range of workshops and activities.  We thought it about time we told you about some of what we have on display!  All of the objects on display in the library will be redisplayed in the new museum when it opens.

There are now 4 little museum displays in the library, including one on 'Before Wakefield'

Stone Head

Iron Age, 600BC - 43AD

Carved stone heads are thought to have been symbols of spiritual power for the Brigantes, a major Celtic tribe based in northern England and particularly Yorkshire. Heads were sacred to the Celts and were thought to have been a source of supernatural power, providing inspiration, fertility and healing.


Romano-British, 43AD – 410AD
Woodnook Lock, Altofts

This altar is dedicated to Brigantia, the goddess of the Celtic Brigante tribe. Several similar altars have been found in the north of Britain, and their distribution probably shows us the area that the Brigantes controlled. This was probably made after the Roman invasion, copying stone altars from the Romans.

Watch this space for information on the other displays in Drury Lane Library!

We would love to hear your comments or thoughts about these objects.

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