Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Best Friend Ted

Objects from the Museum collection have also been taken on a trip out to work with a group of Entry Level Literacy learners at St Swithuns Eastmoor.  On 1 March, bibliotherapist Julie Walker led the session and worked with the learners on creating a group poem inspired by their choice from a selection of Museum objects. 

Julie Walker leading the session

The group chose a teddy bear.
1950s Teddy Bear 

All the learners have limited writing abilities but showed their creative side in putting together a marvellous poem.

My Best Friend Ted!
My Best Friend Ted

There’s only me and thee cocker
We’re on our own again
When I look into your sad brown eyes
I see you share my pain

You are my furry piece of home
My lifelong cuddly friend
Sunshine days and happy times
On you I can depend

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