Monday, May 7, 2012

Update from the Museum Store

The conservation team continue to be busy cleaning and preparing objects for the new displays.  

Some objects are composite, meaning that they are made from more than one type of material.   

This bell is made from metal and leather.   Care is needed to ensure that the treatment given to one type of material doesn't cause a problem to the other type of material making up the object.
Cleaning Grain Wagon Bell - care must be taken not to get any metal polish on the leather strap
This bell announced the arrival of a grain wagon which travelled Wakefield’s streets collecting sacks of grain to take to the Soke Mill. 

Until the 1850s all grain in Wakefield had to be milled at the Soke Mill (the Kings Mill) which was down by Chantry bridge until the road bridge was built in the 1930s. If it was milled elsewhere a fine had to be paid to the Lord of the Manor. This was one of the many rights and privileges held by the Lord, who since medieval times controlled the courts and the official weights and measures used in the markets. 

It will be displayed in the Manor of Wakefield section of the new museum which looks at the ways that Wakefield has controlled our lives.

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