Monday, June 11, 2012

Is it summer yet?

No matter what the weather is doing to us, we are planning for a fun summer across Wakefield's Museum and Heritage sites.  A varied range of family activities are taking place, including activities using the objects currently on display at Drury Lane Library.

Do email us if you would like to be added to our mailing list, or would like to request a copy of this flyer to be sent to you.  Please note that many of these activities require booking in advance as places are limited. 

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We are delighted to share with you a short piece written by Danielle - a member of the Teenage Readers' Group at Drury Lane Library.  She has written this piece inspired by the 1950s television currently on display.  We look forward to sharing with you some of the artwork and other creative pieces generated through our Summer programme!

 The 1950s TV - by Danielle
“Daddy!”  Elizabeth, my younger sister called as dad stepped through the door, “Where’s the TV?” mum asked as he placed it on the living room floor, “it’s in the living room, come have a look Cath, it’s more modern than we thought!”  as mum came from the kitchen, I had reached the bottom of the stairs. “Look at this Dorothy, it’s great!” mum called. “I know, doesn’t that look modern, mum, why don’t we have a try?” I asked mum, I knew her answer was going to be what I wanted, yes. Mum had been more excited than me and Elizabeth this morning, when dad finally announced that we had enough savings to buy one. We were the only house on the street that could afford one, and mum was pleased she finally had something to show off about.
1950s Television on display at Drury Lane Library

The tele flickered on with an introduction of black and white zig zags, which produced a man and a woman sat at a desk, Elizabeth turned up the volume and was immediately sucked in… She then appeared on the screen moments after. “Liz” mum screamed. I just stared horror stricken at the screen. “What just happened?”  dad asked, me and mum replied in unison, “we don’t know!”

Mum slowly pushed herself up onto her feet, and shuffled to the kitchen. I shared a look with dad as wonder filled my head… What if we turned the volume down, I went to the button that took Elizabeth away but dad pulled me back, “I am going to turn it down, and see what happens” I explained, but he still wouldn’t let go, “Dad just let me try” I was getting no-where “Please!” he loosened his grip but didn’t let go as mum walked in with a hammer. “NO!!!!!” I screamed at mum “If you break it you could trap her in there, think how can we get her out, not how can we destroy the tele!” mum looked at the hammer and then flung it to the side, smashing a vase in the process. Dad had finally let go of me to calm mum down, I flung myself at the tele, I reached for the button and twirled it anti-clockwise…

I waited, but I could still see Elizabeth on the screen, suddenly she disappeared and landed on top of me in the same position she was in before the tele sucked her in. Mum let out a squeak as she dived to hug Elizabeth “Liz, what happened?” she exclaimed “I turned up the volume, or is that not the volume button?” she asked, she had felt nothing… “Just leave the volume there why don’t we, don’t do that again!” I said, she looked at me like I had a bright green face but quietly agreed and snuggled deeper in to my jumper.

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