Monday, September 10, 2012

Technology - it's all in hand!

We are really excited to be developing content for multimedia handheld devices for use in the new museum.  These little screens will carry images, video and sound clips, which means that we will be able to develop a whole range of tours -  on different subjects and for different audiences. 

In addition to  tours, we will produce some interactive family and school trails - the screen will ask questions to encourage you to look closer at an object, or consider a topic more deeply.
The mediaPacker - exciting new guided tours and interactive trails

The really exciting thing about using these particular units, is that they are really (really!) easy to program, meaning that we will be able to frequently develop new tours and interactive trails in response to new exhibitions or special events. 

We plan to start with developing an interactive family trail to really test our programming skills! This will be followed by an expert-led tour for adult users.  Trail content for young adults/teenagers will be devised in collaboration with secondary school pupils.  That's just for starters!

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