Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Siren - or artist's muse?

Two 2,000 year old stone carvings of mythical siren figures (a mixture of woman and bird), from  excavations in Roman Castleford 1974-83 have been the subject of an unusual request recently. They have inspired Castleford-born art student Mikey Cook, to take casts of them, which will then feature in his final year show at Glasgow School of Art.

These Roman magnesian limestone carvings (you can just make out a pair of bird's legs and hands holding musical pipes) have inspired the work
Artist, Mikey Cook, made silicone moulds from the sirens, to take back to Glasgow and cast in a polyurethane foam for his work.

Mikey creates casts of the Roman sirens
One of our more unusual requests, but fascinating to witness!  

The original siren statues will be on display in The Forum, Castleford, when it opens this autumn.

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