Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spectacular Spaces at Wakefield One

Have a look at our two new display cases in the upper atrium of Wakefield One. They are a chance to show off some of the bigger and more robust objects from Wakefield’s brilliant museum collections. A delivery cart used by Wakefield printers John Lindley and Son during the 1920s was installed on Wednesday and a flurry of typewriters is forecast for the other case early next week. These new cases will complement the case already on display in the lower atrium which is currently showing off a beautiful Victorian printing press. All three are based on the theme of printing.

The cart on display at Wakefield One
Lindley’s handcart was used to deliver orders to customers, invoice books, letter headings and bindings.  The business started in Thompson's Yard in 1924 and moved to Almshouse Lane in 1932, later moving again to George Street in 1980, when the premises of Lindleys were demolished to build the Riding Shopping Centre.

Staff from John Lindley, printers, with their two handcarts, in front of the office in the 1920s

Handcarts were a common sight on the streets of Wakefield and beyond for much of the first half of the 1900s, before vans became more affordable and reliable. Lindley’s had two until the 1940s.

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