Monday, June 24, 2013

Readers' group with a difference!

This is the book group with a difference - where you might find yourself mixing up medieval remedies, trying on a plague mask or perusing original documents from Wakefield Asylum! 

Previous sessions have included making medieval medical remedies, and trying on a plague  mask - not your usual readers' group!

Each month, the group members read a book of historical fiction - ranging so far from the time of Genesis to 1960s America - which they will then discuss the following month. Because this group is run by both the Libraries and Museums Service, each month an object from the Museum Store, from the time period or the theme of the book of the month, is also brought along for the group to explore.

The current book being read is "The Remains Of The Day" by Kazuo Ishiguro - the reminiscences of an early twentieth-century butler. No doubt the next meeting of the group with resound with discussion of class, social change, the nature of relationships, formality versus informality in the workplace and the definition of 'dignity'.

The current book for discussion

If you would be interested in coming along to the Historical Readers' Group, the next meeting is on 9th July, from 11am-12noon in the Wakefield One Library.  The group meets on the second Tuesday of the month.  

Feel free to email for more details.

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