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World War 1 diary - February 1918

Throughout 2014 we will be tweeting entries from a World War 1 soldier’s 1918 diary. You can follow George Kellett’s diary entries on Twitter @WW1_Diary.

We will also post the full month’s diary entries on this blog.

For George Kellett's January diary entries please see our previous blog: January 1918 diary entries

2 February 1918

Paid 10/- again today

3 February 1918
Working until dinnertime today after dinner I went and had a good hot steam bath.  In the evening Serg.  Knife, Paddy and RMD Went to the service in the YMCA hut.

4 February 1918

I received a parcel from home today with this book enclosed also a Christmas cake and parkin and a few apples

The diary as it looks now
Inside pages
7 February 1918

Received a letter from Pam saying she has got up for a little I also received the Express with the news of Ceo  Haggetts escape from Germany into Holland.  Serg. Knife read the lesson at the evening service at YMCA
8 February 1918

Went to the YMCA playing draughts with Serg. Knife had a short evening service and prayers. Rained very all hard morning. Started making a skittleboard in [?]
9 February 1918

Played draughts with Serg. Knife all the evening until supper came when we went to the YMCA for a few biscuits and a cup of coffee. Drew 10/- For pay today

10 February 1918

Went to church service in the Red Cross Hut this morning. I wrote and told Pam about it this afternoon. The Chaplain had for his text the one word “mother”
11 February 1918

Serg. And I played draughts in the salvation army hut all the Evening then we went to the YMCA hut for supper.  I was warned for the inspection for the draft on Wednesday
12 February 1918

RSM Phillips had us taken off the draft this morning to carry on with the work at the Officers mess and sleeping quarters.  Paddy Morrison and Peter the Painter have both passed fit. So there is just the Sergeant and myself left.
13 February 1918

Paddy and Hancock went away to the base this morning
14 February 1918

Serg. Knife and I went to hear the Con Camp Band and at the YMCA. Then we went on with the old game. I wrote letters to Emma and to father

Emma Horner, George and Emma married in October 1919
Details of George and Emma's marriage, from West Yorkshire Marriage and Banns 1813 - 1935

15 February 1918

There is another inspection this morning but I am not picked for this one nor is the Sergeant. There was a good concert at the YMCA tonight.  Had a good supper with Sergt. who had a parcel from the girls
16 February 1918

Another draft left here this morning. After tea Sergt. and I went to the Salvation Army Hut where we had a few games at draughts.
17 February 1918

Was working until 12 noon today after dinner I took in my trousers a little and wrote a letter to Pam I had a letter and The Leeds Mercury this morning from father. Sergt. and I went to the YMCA service.
18 February 1918

Went to the Salvation Army Hut tonight with Sergt. we had a few good games and then there was a short service. I wrote to our Ada and to Bob
19 February 1918

Went to the YMCA where the Sergt read a few verses out of the Bible
21 February 1918

David and I went to the Salvation Army Hut
22 February 1918

A good concert at the Salvation Army Hut tonight
23 February 1918

Had my name taken this dinner time with the man on the same table for making a noise when the [?] came in. Paid 10/- Today
24 February 1918

Sergt & I went to YMCA service after which we had a good talk on religious matters and in particular the great need for conversion. I resolved then to take Christ as my saviour from sin. Wrote to father
25 February 1918

Received a letter from Pam today.  My pall Harry got married today at Ilkley
26 February 1918

A good comedy was given in the YMCA picture Hall entitled “What Happened to Jones?”
27 February 1918

Posted letters to Bob and to Pam.  Received a letter from father
28 February 1918

Wrote a letter to father in answer to one I received [today is crossed out] yesterday.  Received a letter from Ada and Dorothy. After tea Sergt. and I with our CSM were playing drafts in the SA I won every game I played

George Kellett's diary is now on display at Wakefield Museum for visitor infomation please see: Wakefield Museum visitor information


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