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George Kellett's World War One Diary: March 1918

Throughout 2014 we will be tweeting entries from a World War 1 soldier’s 1918 diary. You can follow George Kellett’s diary entries on Twitter @WW1_Diary.

We will also post the full month’s diary entries on this blog.

For George Kellett's February diary entries please see our previous blog: February 1918

1 March 1918
Gave our pay books in this morning. It is snowing very hard

RSM Phillips asked us to work over for a few days and said he would give us a day off next week.

3 March 1918
Went to the Salvation Army service in the afternoon.  After tea we went to the YMCA hut to hear Mr Rodgers speak.  Sergt was warned for inspection tomorrow

4 March 1918
Sergt and I had our last friendly game at draughts in the SA then we went to the YMCA for supper and a quiet bath after which I left them hoping to see him in dear old Blighty very soon

5 March 1918
Met Arthur Warwick today. He came into the Con Camp this morning.

6 March 1918
Had a fine concert given by the Tank Corps in the Salvation Army Hut.  Received two letters from home

7 March 1918
Wrote letters to Pam, Father, TH Hancock, Harry, Mr Masters, J Pearson and to Connie today in the SA Hut
On 7 March George wrote a letter to Connie.  Connie was a friend of Emma Horner who George married in October 1919.  This is a picture of Emma.
Emma lived above this chocolate shop, 20 Wood Street, Wakefield
Emma and Connie wrote lots of postcards to each other, in this one Connie talks about her boyfriend getting his papers.

8 March 1918
Received a letter from Pam with one enclosed from Mildred telling her that she and Harry were married on Feb 25th 18. I also had the Express from home

9 March 1918

Went down to Treport tonight. Had my photograph taken just opposite the casino. Had half day off today

10 March 1918
Went on Church Parade this morning. Had a very pleasant Service. Wrote letters to Pam and Father

11 March 1918
Received a letter from Serg. Knife and one from Pam which I answered this evening in the YMCA Hut. I also wrote to Mrs Homes

12 March 1918
Went for a stroll around the camp on the sea cliffs called at EFC [?] for supper

13 March 1918
Received a letter Pam today with a letter enclosed from Mildred which I answered in the YMCA
Mr Rodgers farewell service tonight going on leave

14 March 1918
Making Dining table for the Officers Mess today.  Had a game at billiards in the YMCA Hut.  Received  a pipe and two hand kerchiefs and a letter from Father.  Wrote to thank him for them and also wrote to Pam

George trained as a carpenter and joiner from 1909 - 1915.  This is his apprenticeship indenture.  Throughout his 1918 diary George often refers to tasks carried out that utilise his carpentry skills.   

 These handkerchiefs didn't belong to George Kellett, but are examples from the collection of First World War Handkerchiefs.  They were sent home as tokens of love, bought as souvenirs of travel or in commemoration of an event.  You can see some of the handkerchiefs on display at Pontefract Museum in the Great War Inspires Exhibition The Great War Inspires

16 March 1918

Youngs and Harrison got there photos today and they are fine.  Gunner Lag and mine will be ready for tomorrow

17 March 1918
Started building miniature rifle range in the Red Cross Hut.  Got my photos today.  Wrote letters to Pam Father and Mrs Homes and sent them a photo each.  Had a nice walk on the cliffs tonight

18 March 1918
Went down to town tonight and five of us had our photo taken in a group.  Got my watch today which father sent me from home.  Wrote asking him to send me some money.

This could be the picture George refers to in his 18 March diary entry.

19 March 1918
Wrote letters to Sgt.Knife Bob and to Ada.  Then we had a game at whist and stayed for last of the Services in the SA Hut.

20 March 1918
Played cards with the boys then Sig. Norwich and I played skittles in the canteen.  We afterwards went to the YMCA

21 March 1918
Received the Express from home today.  Went to the concert in the YMCA picture hall this afternoon where there was a very fine show.

22 March 1918
Signaler Roberts, Gunner Lag and Pte Young were warned for draft this morning and will be going tomorrow.  We had a good game in the skittle alley this evening and then a four hand at Billiards.  S[ignaller] Hornet also warned for draft

23 March 1918

Left all on my own today.  Started working on the rifle range again in the BRCS hut which is being built in the camp.  Wrote letters to father and Pam

24 March 1918
Con Camp nearly full up again another inspection this morning but I have been lucky once more.

29 March 1918 (Good Friday)
Making table for the Officers Mess. Playing billiards in the YMCA

30 March 1918
Medical inspection today. Marked out for the Base

31 March 1918 (Easter Day)
Left Treport this morning.  Had about three hours in Dieppe then came down to Rouen where we landed about 4:30.  Then we had to walk to camp

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