Friday, May 9, 2014

Grand Depart Trophy inspiring a healthy and happy Wakefield

This morning the Grand Depart trophy was used for a photoshoot.
Rosey James from the Council's internal communications team explains why:

Friday 9 May – 8.30am
When we heard that the actual Grand Depart trophy was displayed in pride of place in our very own Wakefield One building, we felt we had to grasp the opportunity.

We want to use Le Tour to inspire our staff and the citizens of Wakefield generally to take to the saddle and feel happier and healthier as a result.

The Grand Depart trophy seemed to beckon and it was now or never!

Once I had the idea on Wednesday, I needed to act fast – the trophy is touring Yorkshire and will leave us at the weekend.

When I had travel plan co-ordinator John Davis on board, it was easy, he seemed to know everyone else in the Council who cycled to work, and convinced half a dozen that they REALLY wanted to pose with this unique trophy on Friday morning.

On Thursday, I met with the museum's exhibitions designer Andrew Marsland by the trophy cabinet and marvelled at his plinth which he made especially for the trophy. The cabinet is decorated with tricolour bunting of Yorkshire white roses.

We both agreed that although the cabinet looked splendid, we needed to bring the trophy out for the photograph. I promised we would be careful – he left nothing to chance and brought colleague Dave Cooper along with his white gloves to help shift everything around safely. Don’t panic Tour organisers!

Friday dawned with a helpful monsoon, but luckily some were brave/daft enough to cycle in through the torrents and floods.

So our photographer Graham spent 20 minutes positioning us around the plinth with our bikes and Tour de France flags and even took some shots from the second floor. We can safely say that we made the most of our brush with the Grand Depart and can’t wait for the final images to come through.

Wakefield Council cyclists pose for the camera
So a massive thank you to the museums staff for bringing the trophy to Wakefield and helping us today to be able to share it with many more people.

Rosey James, internal communications officer

The trophy will be on display in Wakefield One, Burton Street until tomorrow - Saturday 10th May.  Come and get your own photograph with it while you can!

Don't worry if you can't come to see it - the celebrations don't stop there! There are other displays and cycling themed events at the museum.  See yesterday's Blog post for more details!

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