Monday, June 30, 2014

George Kellett's World War One Diary: June 1918

Throughout 2014 we will be tweeting entries from a World War 1 soldier’s 1918 diary. You can follow George Kellett’s diary entries on Twitter @WW1_Diary.

We will also post the full month’s diary entries on this blog.

For George Kellett's May diary entries please see our previous blog: May 1918

4 June 1918
Received a parcel from home with 2/6 enclosed

6 June 1918
Had football and sports with the inspection for a 10fr prize per man y company took all the prizes

7 June 1918
Left the Rest camp for the line again arrived just to the right of Monchy

11 June 1918
Went out to work at 5pm arrived back at midnight.  Right of Douchy

14 June 1918
Received 5/- PO from John Edward
No. 8F8 450778

15 June 1918
Up in the assembly trench making Lewis Gun Posts.  Went into Douchy looking for timber.  Found a pamphlet dropped by a balloon.

16 June 1918
Inspection at 5:30pm. Went to work in new trench at 9pm on the right of Douchy got back to camp at 2:30am

17 June 1918
Inspection at 5:30pm parade for work at 9pm.  Digging new trench task? work 8ft wide, 6ft long and 3ft deep, to be 5ft 3” at the bottom.  Had a very quiet night

18 June 1918
Inspection at 2:30pm.  Went to the range at 4pm
Night in tonight.  Received a parcel from home with 2/6 enclosed

19 June 1918
Inspection at 5:30pm parade for work at 9pm.  Digging new trench Jerry put the wind up us with some new shells which none of us had heard before.

22 June 1918
Day off work today

23 June 1918
Work at 3am in new communication trench.  Inspection at 5:30pm

24 June 1918
Went up to work at 3am in new CT. Back in camp  at 9am. Inspection at 4pm light marching orders

25 June 1918
Went to rifle range at 3:45pm 1hours drill before dinner. Went up the line at 9pm laying trench boards in new communication trench

26 June 1918
Work at 12noon got back to camp at 6:30

27 June 1918
Wrote to father, Mrs Warters and Harry. Sent a field card to Ada. Orders to be ready to move at 10am. Orders just cancelled and to parade for inspection at 11:45am.  Work at 10pm: widening trench in front of windmill in which [?] 2 hours walk

28 June 1918
Arrived back in camp about 6am Revitt and I are orderlies today.  Received a letter and photo from Pam and a letter from father. Sent Gran envelope to Pam. Out to work at 10pm

29 June 1918
Arrived back in camp about 6am.  Went to the range at 4pm.  Inspection at 8:15pm night in tonight. Received a letter from Pam

30 June 1918
Sweating on the CO [?] inspecting no 6 platoon.  Breakfast 8am then cleaning up in case the inspection does come off.  Wrote to Pam and to Annie at South Kirby.  Paid 40fr today.  Daily Inspection at 5:30pm

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