Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Local pupils get involved!

Pupils from South Parade Primary School recently visited Wakefield Museum to help staff develop a new family digitrail for the Museum.

Pupils became curators, as they learned how to handle, and how to investigate museum objects - what stories can they tell?

They chose and photographed their favourite objects on display in the museum (and had fun in the gallery at the same time!), before researching them in the library upstairs.

Both online research and the reference library helped the pupils to write a short script to accompany their pictures.  

Then it got technical!  The pupils used an iPad app to create short slideshows of the visit - choosing images to upload, recording audio and editing them both together! 

The final digitrail will be in Wakefield Museum from Saturday 19th July

They are free to use, see a member of the museum staff to show you how to use them.

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for today ,it was really excellent. The children had so much fun and they produced  a huge amount of high quality work.”

“I want to come here on my birthday”

“This place has some awesome stuff!”

“I really liked the wedding dress. I didn’t know they weren’t always white”

We run digital sessions, including simple animation and film-making for schools and for families during school holidays.  See our sister blog for more details!

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