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George Kellett's World war One Diary: August 1918

Throughout 2014 we will be tweeting entries from a World War 1 soldier’s 1918 diary. You can follow George Kellett’s diary entries on Twitter @WW1_Diary.

We will also post the full month’s diary entries on this blog.
For George Kellett's June diary entries please see our previous blog: July 1918
1 August 1918
Out to work at 2am. Inspection at 3pm . Went to range at 4pm did not get back to camp until 8pm
2 August 1918
Had a days rest today. Were told to clean up for the CO to inspect us in full marching order at 3pm but he did not turn up. Sent 5 franc note for Dorothys birthday which is on the 7th.
3 August 1918
Out to work at 3am.  Finished with the stretcher bearers job had to start again making LG Post  Douchy Avenue. Inspection at 6pm
4 August 1918
Work at 3am laying beachwood track in Adinfer wood got back to camp about  9:30am.  Inspection at 3pm
5 August 1918
Days rest today.  Went down to the range after dinner  but it rained and we had to come away without firing.  Inspection at 10am
6 August 1918
Work at 3:15am in Adinfer Wood.  Back in camp again at 8:30am. Inspection at 4pm. Our man in Y coy goes on leave tomorrow.  Received a letter from Ada saying Willie is in the infirmary but progressing favourably
7 August 1918
Put on as permanent stretcher bearer. Out at 3am digging new trench in Purple line. No inspection today Clean up for tomorrow Dorothy four years old today
8 August 1918
Days rest today.  Inspection at 11am
9 August 1918
Work at 3am Purple line, deepening trench to 8’6” and cutting fire steps. Baths at 3pm. Inspection at 6pm
10 August 1918
Work at 3am.  Inspection at 6pm
11 August 1918
Work at 3am.   Went to Headquarters to pull against the tug of war team and selected to train with the team.
12 August 1918
Took my kit to Headquarters to go into training for tug of war team.  Day off today scrubbed equipment 
13 August 1918
Did 2 hrs work on the tracks had a bath before dinner. Had two pulls on the rope dinner and two more after tea.
14 August 1918
Did 1 ½ hrs work on the tracks and had a bath before dinner.  Had one hours pulling and football in the afternoon.
15 August 1918
Did 1 hours work on the tracks. Had a bath before dinner, afterwards we held on the rope for 10 minutes and had half an hours football
16 August 1918
Did not turn out at all today, I did not feel very well and Sergt Reid said I had better stay in for the a day.
17 August 1918
Went on the tracks for an hour and had a bath.  After dinner fell in Battle orders as Jerry has actioned on our front  but we were dismissed again with the order to stand to.
18 August 1918
On the tracks for a couple of hours and a bath before dinner.
19 August 1918
Besides gas [?] training we had fatigues to do today.  Did not get to bed until 11:45pm
20 August 1918
No work on the tracks today.  Had a good walk and [?] before breakfast.  PT after breakfast and a couple of pulls on the rope and another pull at 12:15pm
21 August 1918
Big push started on our front bombardment started about 5am. our Division on the attack y coy went over after the first wave.
22 August 1918
Had to stand to all day at Headquarters had to load pack mules and GS waggons case of an attack.
23 August 1918
Came up to Quesnoy farm to act as [?] all the tug of war team left together our division went over again this morning. Done very well. [?] battalion went in the line at 5:30am
24 August 1918
On [?]  from 11am to 1pm
25 August 1918
On [?] from 3am to 5am and from 7pm to 9pm
26 August 1918
On [?] from 11am to 1pm. Went up to the company  after tea.  They have no [?]  at all to sleep on.  Sleeping in open trench.
27 August 1918
Took the boys a few ciggs up tonight as they had not got a smoke.
28 August 1918
Left Quesnoy farm for Abbeville. Where we arrived at 3pm.  Made a bivy for the team.
29 August 1918
Washing [?] this evening
30 August 1918
Went out getting salvage this morning.  Had a pull on the rope after tea.
31 August 1918
Had 1 hour on the rope before we went out for salvage.  Had another hour after tea.

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