Wednesday, December 31, 2014

George Kellett's World War One Diary: December 1918

Throughout 2014 have been tweeting entries from a World War 1 soldier’s 1918 diary. You can follow George Kellett’s diary entries on Twitter @WW1_Diary.

This is the last month's diary entries.

For George Kellett's November diary entries please see our previous blog: November 1918 

Sunday 1 December 1918
ED again today

Wednesday 4 December 1918
Left Malonne for Sclayn

Thursday 5 December 1918
Left Sclayn for Huy

Friday 6 December 1918
Left Huy for Ouffet  about 22 kilos

Saturday 7 December 1918
Left Ouffet for Soumagne about 23 kilos

Sunday 8 December 1918
Left  Soumagne at 9am for Becco about 8 or 9 kilos

Monday 9 December 1918
Left Becco for Longfaye a march of 23 miles

Tuesday 10 December 1918
No march today a day of resting

Wednesday 11 December 1918
Left Longfaye at 8am Elsenborn

Friday 13 December 1918
Left Kesternich for ?

Saturday 14 December 1918
Arrived at Duren

Tuesday 15 December 1918
Making bread sticks for the company.  Went down town after went in a café for a supper where they had a violin and piano.  Had a good time.

Thursday 17 December 1918
Out for a short march from 10am to noon

Wednesday 25 December 1918
Had dinner in the gym a jolly good food.

Saturday 28 December 1918
No parade standing by to make Rifle Racks for the barracks

Sunday 29 December 1918
No parade again today but have not started work yet.  Went to church service in the town tonight with Cpt Palmer.

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