Thursday, August 13, 2015

Recommend and Repeat

We have just launched a campaign to encourage visitors who have had a great time at our museums to recommend us and come back and visit again.

These credit card sized prompts ask visitors to make a recommendation, they can be picked up at our museum sites.

Word of mouth and recommendation is a crucial and important method of attracting new visitors.  Encouraging repeat visits is important too, it is often said that 20% of your visitors make up 80% of your visits!  We work really hard at the museums to continuously improve the visitor experience, from providing exciting and relevant exhibitions and displays, to hands-on opportunities for children and friendly and welcoming front of house staff.

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Read our recommendations on Trip advisor and add your own

Castleford Museum & Library

Wakefield Museum

Pontefract Museum

Tell your friends and family what a great place our museums are to visit and keep coming back again and again....

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