Friday, October 16, 2015

Day of the Dead at Castleford Museum

In the past, people have buried their loved ones with an amazing array of meaningful objects. 

Castleford Museum displays some of these locally buried treasures, from Bronze Age axe heads to the incredible Iron Age Chariot (yes, a whole chariot was buried!) showing evidence of how past people have celebrated their dead.

We have taken this celebration as inspiration for a Day of the Dead themed event at the museum on Saturday 31st October.

The Mexican Day of the Dead is a festival which focuses on the tradition that on one day a year, the spirits of dead people are allowed to come back and party with their friends and family!  It isn't supposed to be scary, but is a happy festival!

The festival involves dressing up and face-painting, lots of colour, marigold flowers and skulls!  

So pop into Castleford Museum - and be prepared for lots of skulls!

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