Thursday, November 10, 2016

Commemorating World War 1

It is coming up 98 years since the armistice of World War One.

Here at Wakefield Museum we have a variety of objects on display that tell the various stories about people, places and events surrounding World War One.  There is now also a new downloadable teachers' pack to support schools by providing information about some of the objects in the collections. The pack can be found here.

There were many families affected by World War One, not just those who lost loved ones but also the people who survived and returned.  One gentleman who returned home to Wakefield was George Kellett. Relatives of George donated his diary, written in 1918, whilst a soldier in France and Belgium. With agreement from the family the museum have used social media to share the George's thoughts. To see what life was like for one Wakefield man see @WW1_Diary on Twitter.
George Kellett's 1918 diary is now in the museum collection
Sadly there were many who did not return home. Students from Kettlethorpe High School earlier this year researched and developed work on two such men. Their work is on display at the museum and further information can be seen in the previous blog post found here.

Students from Kettlethorpe High School in Wakefield Museum with their thought-provoking display

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