Rome From Home

At Castleford Museum we’re very excited to take part in the first ever digital celebration of our town’s Roman roots.

Nearly 2000 years ago, as the Romans took control of northern England, they built a fort near an important crossing point on the River Aire – the place we know today as Castleford. A civilian town, or vicus, soon grew up outside the fort and continued to develop long after the army had left. Known as Lagentium, ‘town of the swordsmen’, it became an important place for manufacturing and trade, and a significant stop on the Roman Empire’s communication network. Local people embraced new Roman lifestyles.

Since the 1970s archaeological excavations have revealed some of the Roman site and uncovered many military and everyday items that teach us about life in Lagentium. Beneath our feet in Castleford today are the remains of Roman Lagentium’s barracks, granaries, workshops and bath house. Many of the objects left behind by the Romans are now at Castleford Museum.

Stay tuned to the blog, Castleford Museum Facebook page  and our Rome From Home YouTube playlist  this week for articles and activities for all the family, all inspired by our fascinating Roman collections.

Get creative!

Digital jigsaws inspired by Lagentium - from the fort to the bath house!

Make a Roman soldier finger puppet – download and print this fun paper craft to complete at home

Eat like a Roman - try this recipe inspired by our collections

If that whet your appetite, here's a second Roman recipe to sample. Follow our video tutorial here.

Family crafts

Make your own dragonesque brooch

Have a go at a Roman game

Be like a Roman trader with your own balance and weight

Craft yourself a Roman inspired chicken brooch

Find out more

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