Friday, May 3, 2013

And our fame spreads...

From the Wellcome Trust Blog this week:

Exhibition planning for beginners: from idea to execution

30 Apr, 2013

Food for all seasons poster.jpg
Food for all seasons poster
The idea of running an exhibition in association with a public engagement grant is probably quite a common thing to come up with. Actually planning and launching one is much more difficult. Iona Mcleery offers her experience.

It all starts with a plain white box: four walls and a floor…

There are numerous questions to answer when coming up with a small exhibition to accompany your project: where is it to go, what objects and images can be displayed, and most importantly what is the key message to be transmitted through the exhibition: why do it in the first place?

For You Are What You Ate: Food Lessons From the Past, we answered these questions with the help of the experienced cultural officers on the project team from Wakefield Council’s museum service in West Yorkshire.

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