Thursday, October 17, 2013

New museum display goes to Airedale Library!

Over the last 3 years, the 'You Are What You Ate' project has used evidence of medieval eating habits to examine how people eat today.  The project has included 3 exhibitions:

Sugar and Spice And All Things Nice at Wakefield Museum in 2011 (featuring some amazing 'bling' objects for medieval fine-dining)

The Dark Side of Eating at Pontefract Museum in 2012 (featuring the grim and grizzly effects of bad diet on the skeleton)

Food For All Seasons at Wakefield Museum in 2013 (featuring a stunning illuminated Book of Hours)

But we couldn't leave it there!

All 3 exhibitions have been distilled down into one display, which is now set to tour around the districts' libraries. 
The 'pod' will be in Airedale Library and Learning Centre until 12 January

The interactive 'pod' went into Airedale Library and Learning Centre this week - along with its bones, beer goggles, medieval cooking pot, recipe cards - and more!  A lot has been squeezed into this small display. Talks, school sessions and family activities are all being programmed in the libraries.

The pod is in Airedale until Sunday 12th January, and then moves onto its next venue.  Watch this space!

Plenty to see and do - including recipe cards to take away!

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