Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy St George's Day

To celebrate St George's day we present a selection of objects from the collection that feature dragons!

First World War recruitment poster featuring the legend of St George and the Dragon

Roman bronze brooch.  Enamelled dragonesque fibula, found at Castleford.

Bronze Chinese bowl used to burn incense, decorated with dragons and flowers.  This was a gift to the museum by Frank Green.  Frank Green was an avid collector and built up an extensive and important collection. He ran the family business in Wakefield making the 'Green Economiser', that his father had invented.
A large shallow dish, a salver, from 1787.  This was from Frank Green's collection.  The decoration shows St George and the Dragon.

Chinese kylin (dragon) with amber eyes.  Dating from 1750 - 1850. Also from Frank Green's collection. [This dragon is currently on display at Wakefield Museum].

'Dragon Pass' board game from the 1980s.

A cartwheel coin turned into a brooch with the figure of St George and the Dragon cut out.  The coin dates to 1819 and was designed by Pistrucci who designed all of George III coinage

Photograph, probably from 1930s / 1940s showing the Green Dragon Hotel in Pontefract in the background.

Temperance pledge from 1916, showing St George battling the dragon of intemperance! 

Pillowcase from around 1890 embroidered with a Chinese dragon.

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