Monday, September 29, 2014

George Kellett's World war One Diary: September 1918

Throughout 2014 we will be tweeting entries from a World War 1 soldier’s 1918 diary. You can follow George Kellett’s diary entries on Twitter @WW1_Diary.

We will also post the full month’s diary entries on this blog.

For George Kellett's August diary entries please see our previous blog: August 1918

1 September 1918
Had an hours training then went out for salvage.  Went out again after dinner.  Had a pull with the transport  12 men against 9 of the team.  The won after a 4 minute pull.

2 September 1918
Stand to ready to move at 8am.  Left Abb? at 11am.  Camped for the night on the side of the track.

3 September 1918
Moved again this afternoon on to ground Jerry held this morning.
Brought in two wounded Jerrys.

4 September 1918
Went out burying the dead today.  Had a pull on the rope.

5 September 1918
Went out burying dead Germans.  Had a pull on the rope for a few minutes.

6 September 1918
Went out burying dead Germans and horses.  Had a pull on the rope after dinner we had to make a fresh [?]

7 September 1918
Went out salvaging before dinner.  Rejoined the company today at Morchies.

8 September 1918
Out to work on the Beaunetre  Road.  Back in camp at 3pm.  Made a [?] then got ready for inspection at 7pm

9 September 1918
Out to work at Doignes this [?] at 6:30am took our days rations with us and had to carry them back to camp.  All other platoons out at 7pm in [?] and got wet through.

10 September 1918
No work today stayed in and built a cook house.  Were working on that until 7pm

11 September 1918
Packed our kits and went up the line at 9am, two guides of the Stafford and Bucks met us and took us into the front line.  G. West and three  more fellows In our platoon got killed and four or five wounded going up.  We went over the top at 6:30pm.[?] Burton Bill Revitt and three or four more were wounded and three more killed.  We reached a trench just over the canal and had to stand to all night.

12 September 1918
6am strafs on the left and right went over at dawn and cut us out of it but they left a strong point which Jerry held when we left the line just before dinnertime .  got back to camp about 4pm had no rations all day.

13 September 1918
Got a pair of new slacks and had a bath and clean change.

14 September 1918
No work again today.  Went up the line and brought  in the bodies of our MGS who had been killed.  Had to give in a name of the man we thought did the best work in the Stunt? I put in Pte Tripp

15 September 1918
No work this morning.  Inspection for the company but I did not go on it with being out last night.  Went on the church parade after dinner.

16 September 1918
Left Morchies and came back to [?] for rest arrived here at 12:30pm had dinner then had to make bivies for the night.  There was a terrible thunder storm and most of the boys got washed out.  We were luck[y] as we made a good bivy

17 September 1918
Had the day off to clean up and reconstruct bivies  Had rifle inspection after tea.

18 September 1918
On fatigues this morning making for the transport horses.  I was inoculated this afternoon.  Wrote to George West’s wife.

19 September 1918
Not out this evening. Excused duty.  The rest are practising  a Battalion.  Start on which they went right back to Hameau farm.  Wrote a letter to Harry this afternoon.

20 September 1918
Inspection 9am PT1 [?] And Boating [?] Until dinner time.

21 September 1918
Inspection at 9am PT and extended order?? the rain made us back off for the day.  Baths at 3:45pm

22 September 1918
Church parade at 11:45am

23 September 1918
Out for a route march this morning round Adfiner Viliage arrived back in camp at 1:30pm.  Went to rifle range after dinner. Warned for leave to report to RSM at 9am on the 26th leave from 28/09/18 to 12/10/18

24 September 1918
Left Corselles at 10am.  Marched through Ashlet le Grand and Bapaume.  Arrived at Ruyaulcourt about 5:30pm slept out in the open

25 September 1918
Out to work on the [?] trench in the wood at 7am arrived back at 2:30pm made a good bivy then cleaned up for tomorrow

26 September 1918
Reported to RSM medically examined then went down to the transport got a new tunic and puttees . Left Bertincourt at 5:15pm arrived at Bapaume at 6pm got a lift on a lorry.  Slept in YMCA

27 September 1918
Had breakfast in YMCA saw the RTO and got on the train for Bologne at 9am arrived at about 7pm.  Went up to the [?] and had a good dinner Slept in tents for the night.

28 September 1918
[?] at 5am breakfast 5:30.  Got on the boat about 7:30 left Bologne at 8:30am arrived at Folkestone 11am.  Got into London at 3:30pm.  Left for home at 5:40pm.  Sent telegram to father and Pam at 4:30pm

29 September 1918
Up at 6am went to the baths then came home and had breakfast. Went to Lofthouse on the bicycle, then around by Stanley and saw Emma.  What a treat to be with her and Dad again.  Emma coming out after dinner and finishing tomorrow for a fortnight while I am home

Friday, September 26, 2014

Officially Autumn!

It became officially Autumn this week.

So, to  get us all prepared  for the colder temperatures to come, here are some autumnal-inspired objects to remind us what it's all about!

Plastic leaf-shaped mats from the 1950s
Plastic place mats in stand, 1950s
Sycamore leaf-shaped drinks mats, plastic, 1950s

Rather early for Christmas,  but an autumnal-looking Christmas decoration, made from polystyrene, c 1970s

Or how about dressing and accessorising with leaves and autumnal colours?

A tortoiseshell hair comb, 1820

Padded silk waistcoat with trailing vine and leaf pattern picked out in felt, c 1800

Come and see some of our autumnal fashion in our Style Picks exhibition at Wakefield Museum, and be inspired!

Coat, 1960s

Hat, 1950s

Hat, 1930s-1950s

Hat, 1950s-1960s

If that isn't enough, we are even  hosting a family workshop inspired by the autumnal fashion in the exhibition! 

Leaves are Falling
Thursday 30th October
Wakefield Museum - Learning Zone
The seasons are changing and we will need to start wrapping up warm. Inviting our younger visitors to join us in this autumn-inspired session. Taking inspiration from a 1960s coat on display in the museum, we will use leaves to create some autumn crafts.
Ages 2 – 5 
10:15 – 11:45am and 1:30 – 2:45pm
Free but booking essential on 01924 302700 or email

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Love the 1980s

The next Artwalk in Wakefield is Wednesday 24 September.  Venues across Wakefield will be opening their doors to showcase a range of artistic and cultural events and activities.  For full details see: Artwalk.

Wakefield Museum is going all 1980s for the evening.  Pop into the museum between 5pm & 7.30pm for fashion, music and Rubik's Cubes.  Shoulder pads, blue eye shadow and crimped hair all welcome.

To celebrate this 1980s extravaganza here are some objects form the collections to take you on a trip down memory lane!!!!


Love the stylish clip-on earrings!

Walk like an Egyptian 
Blue eye shadow compliments crimped hair a treat.

New technology

Betamax versus. VHS....

The Sinclair ZX81

To play mix-tapes from your mates.

The modern way to listen to Duran Duran.



Charles & Di
THE royal wedding

Possibly the most iconic 1980s object?

Did every child in the '80s have one of these?

Random 1980s object
Rid yourself of the need for pen and paper, with this handy gadget.

For more 1980s fun, be sure to come to Wakefield Museum on Wednesday 24 September. Eye Wood will be hosting a fantastic 1980s fashion show (6.30pm - 7.15pm).  There will be a chance to take up the Rubik's Cube challenge and make a Pac-Man deely-bopper!

If you have any objects from the 1980s hidden in the loft bring them along and they could end up in a 1980s display early next year! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Well and truly Back to School!

We are delivering a wide range of educational workshops to schools across the district. Our programme of delivery is expanding in line with the changes in the national curriculum.
From the remains of an Iron Age chariot (at Castleford Museum) to those of a Viking era log boat (at Wakefield Museum) and the comparison of animal skulls, we have been looking at how we can best support teaching with objects from the collections.

Bespoke sessions are also being developed on request - including two very different sessions for Pontefract Castle - the English Civil War and the heritage of Pontefract’s liquorice-growing and trade. We are linking objects from our collections with design and art for inspiration and enquiry. We have also redeveloped our Skeleton Secrets session, previously only suitable for Upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, to meet demand from lower Key Stage 2 teachers.
Skeleton Secrets

Our core sessions are already being delivered and booked by schools. Pupils from a local academy joined us last week to learn about the life of Victorian children, and another class came up close to Ancient Egyptian Artefacts. 

Egyptian Artefacts
We are also supporting the Big Draw 2014 with some special school sessions. Using museum objects for inspiration, pupils will think about how the past has shaped the world in which we live.  We will then take digital images and use an app to draw how the scene could look in the future.
Our World - digital drawing session for the Big Draw

Friday, September 5, 2014

Waterton's Adventures - workshops for 3-5 year olds

16th September - FREE
Wakefield Museum

Come and hear how Charles Waterton captured the ferocious caiman crocodile!

Free Interactive storytelling and animal-themed workshops for children aged 3-5 years old on 16th September in Wakefield Museum.

The session will be running twice: 9.45- 10.45 and 11am - 12 noon, performed in the Museum Front Room and followed by a museum trail and craft activity.

Booking not essential, but advised on 01924 302700 or email 

Animal-themed fancy dress encouraged!

Monday, September 1, 2014

George Kellett's World war One Diary: August 1918

Throughout 2014 we will be tweeting entries from a World War 1 soldier’s 1918 diary. You can follow George Kellett’s diary entries on Twitter @WW1_Diary.

We will also post the full month’s diary entries on this blog.
For George Kellett's June diary entries please see our previous blog: July 1918
1 August 1918
Out to work at 2am. Inspection at 3pm . Went to range at 4pm did not get back to camp until 8pm
2 August 1918
Had a days rest today. Were told to clean up for the CO to inspect us in full marching order at 3pm but he did not turn up. Sent 5 franc note for Dorothys birthday which is on the 7th.
3 August 1918
Out to work at 3am.  Finished with the stretcher bearers job had to start again making LG Post  Douchy Avenue. Inspection at 6pm
4 August 1918
Work at 3am laying beachwood track in Adinfer wood got back to camp about  9:30am.  Inspection at 3pm
5 August 1918
Days rest today.  Went down to the range after dinner  but it rained and we had to come away without firing.  Inspection at 10am
6 August 1918
Work at 3:15am in Adinfer Wood.  Back in camp again at 8:30am. Inspection at 4pm. Our man in Y coy goes on leave tomorrow.  Received a letter from Ada saying Willie is in the infirmary but progressing favourably
7 August 1918
Put on as permanent stretcher bearer. Out at 3am digging new trench in Purple line. No inspection today Clean up for tomorrow Dorothy four years old today
8 August 1918
Days rest today.  Inspection at 11am
9 August 1918
Work at 3am Purple line, deepening trench to 8’6” and cutting fire steps. Baths at 3pm. Inspection at 6pm
10 August 1918
Work at 3am.  Inspection at 6pm
11 August 1918
Work at 3am.   Went to Headquarters to pull against the tug of war team and selected to train with the team.
12 August 1918
Took my kit to Headquarters to go into training for tug of war team.  Day off today scrubbed equipment 
13 August 1918
Did 2 hrs work on the tracks had a bath before dinner. Had two pulls on the rope dinner and two more after tea.
14 August 1918
Did 1 ½ hrs work on the tracks and had a bath before dinner.  Had one hours pulling and football in the afternoon.
15 August 1918
Did 1 hours work on the tracks. Had a bath before dinner, afterwards we held on the rope for 10 minutes and had half an hours football
16 August 1918
Did not turn out at all today, I did not feel very well and Sergt Reid said I had better stay in for the a day.
17 August 1918
Went on the tracks for an hour and had a bath.  After dinner fell in Battle orders as Jerry has actioned on our front  but we were dismissed again with the order to stand to.
18 August 1918
On the tracks for a couple of hours and a bath before dinner.
19 August 1918
Besides gas [?] training we had fatigues to do today.  Did not get to bed until 11:45pm
20 August 1918
No work on the tracks today.  Had a good walk and [?] before breakfast.  PT after breakfast and a couple of pulls on the rope and another pull at 12:15pm
21 August 1918
Big push started on our front bombardment started about 5am. our Division on the attack y coy went over after the first wave.
22 August 1918
Had to stand to all day at Headquarters had to load pack mules and GS waggons case of an attack.
23 August 1918
Came up to Quesnoy farm to act as [?] all the tug of war team left together our division went over again this morning. Done very well. [?] battalion went in the line at 5:30am
24 August 1918
On [?]  from 11am to 1pm
25 August 1918
On [?] from 3am to 5am and from 7pm to 9pm
26 August 1918
On [?] from 11am to 1pm. Went up to the company  after tea.  They have no [?]  at all to sleep on.  Sleeping in open trench.
27 August 1918
Took the boys a few ciggs up tonight as they had not got a smoke.
28 August 1918
Left Quesnoy farm for Abbeville. Where we arrived at 3pm.  Made a bivy for the team.
29 August 1918
Washing [?] this evening
30 August 1918
Went out getting salvage this morning.  Had a pull on the rope after tea.
31 August 1918
Had 1 hour on the rope before we went out for salvage.  Had another hour after tea.