Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

To wish all Mums a very happy Mother's Day, here are a selection of objects from the museums collection decorated with mother-of-pearl


These bellows are from the 18th century and were donated to the museum by Frank Green.Frank Green was an avid collector and built up an extensive and important collection. He ran the family business in Wakefield making the 'Green Economiser', that his father had invented.

Tatting Shuttle

Tatting is a way of making lace from a series of knots and loops. The tatting shuttle holds thread and guides it through the loops making the knots. You don't have to tat to like these, and in fact they are very collectable.  This one dates to around 1840.

Carte de Visite cases

A carte de visite is a small photograph, invented in Paris in 1854, they are about the size of visiting cards.  They were very popular in Victorian times. They featured many famous figures and were traded and collected. The only known picture of Mary Seacole was taken for a carte de visite.

Victorian evening purse
Lace and mother of pearl decorated fan
Suede gloves, with mother of pearl buttons

Happy Mother's day.

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