Monday, June 15, 2015

New Online Museum Catalogue - Liquorice

An exciting new searchable catalogue with over 1550 items from our liquorice collections has been put online. 

The catalogue contains items relating to companies that have shaped the industry in Pontefract and Castleford.  It is based on the themes of advertising, growing, manufacturing, packaging and people related to the local industry.

Liquorice is an important part of the museum’s collection, and the new online catalogue complements the new liquorice displays in Pontefract Museum. 

Highlights of the catalogue include:

Early 19th century hand stamps for stamping Pontefract Cakes.

The spade used by Mr Carter, who was the last commercial liquorice grower in Pontefract.

Mr Carter's Liquorice Spade - from the last commercially grown crop in Pontefract

Packaging for liquorice confectionary produced in the area, including early 19th century tins for Pontefract cakes made by Dunhills, the reputed inventor of the famous Pontefract Cake!

Dunhills Liquorice tin
This catalogue, along with our other online catalogues can be viewed by clicking here.

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