Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Edmund Waterton, son of the famous 19th Century naturalist Charles Waterton, was a bit of a hoarder. 

Edmund Waterton
He collected all kinds of relics, and managed to blow the family fortune in the process. The Victoria and Albert Museum acquired his collection in 1871. It included a staggering 760 rings, forming the backbone of the museum’s metalwork collection, from ancient Roman key rings (that’s rings that are also keys, rather than the thing you grabbed on the way out the front door this morning) through to 18th century poesy rings. 

Edmund Waterton's ring cabinet

The V & A are kindly loaning 40 of these rings to Wakefield Museum for our upcoming exhibition ‘Precious’. As well as the rings, we will be showing, from the Wakefield collection, the cabinet where Edmund kept the rings and, with the help of interactives, exploring the many different meanings these rings can take on, like love, faith and magic. The rings will look great too!

‘Precious’ opens in December. Watch this space for more details...

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