Thursday, February 1, 2018

Treasured Ring

We are very excited to have acquired a stunning gold ring.

It is a late medieval gold ring from the 15th/16th century AD. It has an inset garnet and 9 further lobes with a letter inscribed on them. These are probably to help the wearer keep track of the 10 prayers that make up reciting the Catholic rosary.

The ring was found by a metal detectorist near Pontefract and acquired under the Treasure Act.

The Treasure Act sets out a clear process to save treasures for local people. Local museums are notified of all potential treasure finds in their collecting area. If the museum wants to save the find for the local community it can by paying the finder / landowner a reward based on the market value of the find. Last year saw the 20th anniversary of the Treasure Act

For more information about 20 Years of Treasure and some of our other objects acquired this way, see our previous blog : 20 Years of Treasure blog

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