Monday, April 28, 2014

George Kellett's World War One Diary: April 1918

Throughout 2014 we will be tweeting entries from a World War 1 soldier’s 1918 diary. You can follow George Kellett’s diary entries on Twitter @WW1_Diary.

We will also post the full month’s diary entries on this blog.

For George Kellett's March diary entries please see our previous blog: March 1918

1 April 1918 (Easter Bank Holiday)
Spent the day being medically examined and drawing hut and rifles

2 April 1918
On fatigues today in the Cook House

4 April 1918
Left Rouen today for the Batt
Left camp at 7pm traveling all night

5 April 1918
Traveling all day today

6 April 1918
Found the Batt Today at [?] Wrote to Pam and father

 7 April 1918
Had church parade is morning

9 April 1918
Had CC and CG Inspection this morning
Were not satisfactory so had to parade again at 3pm

11 April 1918
Left  Hortecote At 2pm arrived at Beaudricourte at 7pm passing through Frevent

12 April 1918
Left Beaudricourte at 2pm arrived at Barly at 5:30pm where we had to make our own bivys to sleep.

13 April 1918
Spent all day at Barly.  Had a walk in the village after dinner.

15 April 1918
Out wiring today in front of our medicine line

16 April 1918
On the roads working had quite an easy time

18 April 1918
Sent a letter home asking them to send a parcel.
Wrote to Pam and Ada and Willie

20 April 1918
Received a letter from father and the Express.  Wrote straight away back to them

This is an Easter card George sent to Emma.  It reads 'Just to wish you a Happy Easter from your loving sweetheart George xxxxxx'

22 April 1918
Orderly today but had to go out to work at night just the same. 

28 April 1918
Had Church Parade out in the open air just behind Monchy and Ressons 

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