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George Kellett's World War One Diary: July 1918

Throughout 2014 we will be tweeting entries from a World War 1 soldier’s 1918 diary. You can follow George Kellett’s diary entries on Twitter @WW1_Diary.

We will also post the full month’s diary entries on this blog.

For George Kellett's June diary entries please see our previous blog: June 1918

1 July 1918
Parade at 8:30 work at 9:45pm on aerodrome switch

2 July 1918
Arrived in camp about 6am had breakfast then got into bed until 3pm had dinner then had another two hours.  Inspection at 7:15pm Parade for work at 10:15pm.  Received parcel from home.

 3 July 1918
Went to the rifle range this afternoon.  Our night in tonight, no parade.  Cleaning up for probable CO inspection tomorrow.

4 July 1918
Inspection at 4:30pm parade for work at 5:30pm on aerodrome switch left work at 11:30pm

5 July 1918
Got back to camp at 2am had breakfast and got down to kip until tea time.  Inspection at 7:15.  Mr Squires went into hospital today.

 6 July 1918
Out to work at 3:30 am digging sump holes in 10th avenue communication trench.  Range after dinner

7 July 1918
Rest today, Church Parade at 2pm.  Inspection at 6pm

8 July 1918
Working near Hameau farm digging trench for cables which RE are laying.  Breakfast 1am work 2am
Inspection at 8:45pm

9 July 1918
Working on the same trench nearer to Adinfer village
Inspection at 8:40pm.  Received a parcel from Pam

10 July 1918
Days rest today went to the range. I got a washout with the SBR on

11 July 1918
Working on the right of Adinfer, been warned to take on SB job tomorrow.

14 July 1918
Went out to work at midnight

15 July 1918
Arrived in camp at 7:15am. Wet through and covered with clay
Out again at 7:30pm no inspection

16 July 1918
Back from work at 6:30am.  Digging new CT from front line to support, connecting with windmill switch.  No inspection today.  Received a parcel from home and a letter from Harry.

17 July 1918
Out to work at 2am in Douchy Avenue laying cable.  I was
Out at 8:50pm connecting up from windmill switch

18 July 1918
Got back to camp at 8am
Inspection at 7pm out to work at 8:30

21 July 1918
Inspection at 6pm Pay at 6:30pm.  Parade for work at 8:30pm.  Had one casualty going up the line

22 July 1918
Got into camp at 4am
Inspection at 7pm parade for work at 7:45pm.
Willie went to Leeds Infirmary to undergo an operation

23 July 1918
Our party made a raid this morning put a good straff over for jerry
We were just coming home at the time .  Got into camp at 1am.  Inspection at 6:30pm.  Parade for work at 8pm

24 July 1918
Arrived in camp at 2:30am
Inspection at 6:30pm work at 8:30 in Douchy Avenue

25 July 1918
Arrived in camp about 3am.  Not out again until morning.  Inspection at 4pm

26 July 1918
Work at 4am got back to camp at 12noon.  Inspection at 4pm

27 July 1918
Out to work at 3:30am in Douchy Avenue where there was an ?-age of one foot of water. Got into camp about 11:30am no inspection.

28 July 1918
Day in camp to repair bivywacks Went to Old windmill to scrounge sheet iron.  Found entrance to underground passage leading to trenches behind.  Inspection at 12noon.  Pay parade 4pm made ours into a very good bivy

29 July 1918
Out to work at 2am in Douchy  Avenue arrived in camp about 10:30am.  Baths at 2:30pm.  Inspection at 7pm

30 July 1918
Out to work at 2am.  Arrived in camp at 9am.  Inspection at 3pm.  Wrote a letter to Pam in green [?]

31 July 1918
Work at 2am in Douchy Avenue.  Inspection at 3pm

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