Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cooking up a treat at Wakefield Museum

Wakefield Museum has just opened a new child-sized 1950s inspired kitchen:

We have also added new displays around the kitchen with 1950s objects from the collection. This display shows the cabinet that inspired the design of the kitchen units and features some of the objects that appear in the kitchen cupboard graphics.

There is also a display of 1950s toys.

A photograph of street in Wakefield taken in the 1950s forms the view from the window.  

To celebrate the new kitchen we threw a party, taking tips from a 1950s party planning magazine in the museum collection.

Dr Annie Gray cooked up a buffet using recipes from the magazine. Delights included tinned pineapple and Marmite sandwiches; prawns in aspic; 'dunkers' and teen-age hot dogs! Here she is getting some assistance decorating a cake with glacĂ© cherries and angelica with her assistant for the evening!

They were very proud of their creations...

Visit the kitchen to play or just to reminisce about family memories.  The Kitchen is in Wakefield Museum's 'Front Room' area and is free to visit.

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