Saturday, February 14, 2015

We ♥ Valentines!

Happy Valentines day

We hope you have your hearts desire... if not here is a selection of 'hearts' from our collections

Half Penny, 1793

A half penny token to be used at Fieldings grocer and tea dealer, decorated with a heart motif.

Playbill, 1824

A playbill for the Wakefield Theatre.


A home made hair-tidy, decorated with pearls and ribbon.

Brooch, late Victorian

The heart is made of cornelian.


A bracelet made of five strips of horse hair linked  with bands of gold.  In 2004 a visitor from South Africa identified the material as elephant's tail - 'Much too thick to be horsehair'.

Strap-end, 1450 - 1485

A decorative end of a belt, found at Sandal Castle

Brooch, 1920s

A brooch made from plastic

Pin cushion, 1914 - 1918

Decorated pin cushion with Yorks and Lancs Regimental emblems.  Visit Wakefield Museum to see a selection of First World War objects, in the Great War Trail.

Bracket, c.16th Century 

16th Century timber bracket with a heart shaped design.

Dunderdale dish, 1800 - 1810

A creamware dish, hand painted.  This matches a supper service in the collection of 4 dishes with the same design.  It was made by Castleford pottery Dunderdale and Co. Visit Castleford Museum to see a display of Castleford pottery.

Lovehearts, Victorian

Ashtrays, 1936 - 1959

Ashtrays made by Bagley & co.  Visit Pontefract Museum to see a display on Bagley's glass.

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