Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sindy: the doll you loved to dress

Who had a Sindy doll as a child? Claire, who grew up in Wakefield in 1980s, has kindly donated her fabulous collection of Sindy dolls, clothes and accessories to us. We thought we’d share some of the collection with you.

Sindy was launched in September 1963 by Pedigree Toys Ltd. She first appeared in our lives in a 30 second TV advert that was shown in the London area. In 2013, Sindy celebrated 50 years with a new anniversary range.
Here are some of Claire’s Sindy dolls. They came to us lovingly wrapped in protective tissue paper and carefully labelled.


Sindy was advertised with the tag line, ‘the doll you’ll love to dress’. Her outfits were designed to reflect the latest trends. Claire had a varied wardrobe of clothes and accessories to choose from for her dolls. Amongst them are swimming costumes, dressing gowns, leg warmers, dungarees and a kilt. Claire even hand made her Sindy an umbrella to keep off the Wakefield rain!

Of course, Sindy needed somewhere to live. Our team had great fun building the Sindy Super Home, a 3 storey townhouse complete with roof terrace and external lift!

Claire lavishly furnished the Super Home with her collection of Sindy ‘Scenesetter’ products, a large range of miniature replicas of lifestyle items. Sindy slept in a luxurious four poster bed, and ate at a dining table laid with her own dinner service, silver cutlery and gold candelabras. And she could serve guests at her dinner parties from her very own hostess trolley!


Many of the Scenesetter items had additional fun features. The oven in the Action Kitchen Unit actually lit up and there were blenders that could be plugged in and operated.  Sindy’s Beauty Salon also had a working hairdryer and her swimming pool even had a Jacuzzi setting!



Some of our favourite items, though, are the ones that Claire made herself. This ingenious homemade TV set has a selection of channels to choose from and a guide. Programmes range from the News to Top Gear!

We loved looking through Claire’s collection and are very pleased to look after it. Did you recognise any of the dolls or accessories from your own childhood?

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